Featured Champions

15 -18 Division, Boarder Division

Stacy Gaskill

Athlete Details:

Age:  16
Division:  15-18 Female Snowboard
Home Town:  Golden, CO
Home Mountain:  Winter Park
Team:  Winter Park Snowboard Team

Freeriding Titles

  • 1st at regionals Winter Park and Vail, 1st at Nationals Toas and Creste Butte

Describe a highlight moment from your 2016 IFSA season.

Stomping a 20 footer at Vail that no other athlete had hit.

Where can you be found when you are not freeriding?

Playing Ultimate Frisbee or just chillin in nature.

What topic makes you fired up?

When people say Ultimate Frisbee is not a real sport.

What would you like to see change in the world and how can you make it happen?

I would like to see women get equal recognition in sports and to make it happen I just have to be better than the guys to earn their respect and show them that women are just as badass.

Tell us something about yourself that is unusual or little known.

I have a scar on my eyebrow from getting hit by a golf ball in a pool.

Shout Outs

Mike Miller, Richie Veshinfsky, Original Hacks

2016 IFSA North American Champions

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  • IOA Insurance Services
  • SASS Global Travel
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  • Stohke
  • Flyin Ryan Hawks
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