U12 Division National Championship Event

Under 12 (U12) Division National Championship Event at Targhee Announced

The IFSA is excited to announce that Grand Targhee will host the first US National Championship event for the new Under 12 (U12) Division. The event will take place as part of the Targhee IFSA Junior Freeskiing Open scheduled for March 18th-23rdr. The U12 championship qualifiers will take place on Thursday, March 20, with finals on Friday, March 21st.

The 2014 IFSA Junior Series includes sixteen separate regional events in the United States for the U12 Division. The US U12 Championship event will be an invitational event with qualifying athletes being announced in late February based on an athletes top two competitive finishes during the 2014 season.

The event will serve as a culmination of the 2014 U12 Development Plan. Goals for the first year of this program include 1) giving U12 athletes exposure to competitive big mountain events in a low stress and safe environment, 2) developing mentors in the ranks of the older junior athletes to help encourage the selection of big mountain as an U12 athlete preferred discipline, 3) encouraging the inclusion of U12 divisions at Regional Series events, and, 4) ranking the competitive performance of all regional U12 athletes.

Please see the event schedule at www.freeskiers.org for additional details.