About The IFSA

Mission Statement

Our mission is to operate as the sanctioning body for big mountain freeride competition in North and South America, to provide a continuous progression from early development of junior athletes through adulthood. With input from its members, the IFSA sets sanctioning guidelines for event execution and judging to ensure consistent competitions and represents the needs, interests, and safety of freeride competitors. The IFSA/FWQ pursues every opportunity to enable athletes to compete, learn, train, have fun, and safely achieve their freeriding goals.

History of IFSA

The International Freeskiers Association (IFSA) was established in 1996 by freeskiing pioneer Shane McConkey. Freeskiing in the 1990s was comprised of the different disciplines of skiing outside of alpine racing which included big mountain, slopestyle, half-pipe, big air, and skier-cross. McConkey believed that the sports included in freeskiing needed an athlete driven governing body to ensure that the athletes had a voice in the development and governance of their sport. Since then, the sport of freeskiing has grown rapidly and each of the disciplines have evolved into strong individual sports. Today the IFSA is centered on junior and adult big mountain freeskiing and snowboarding competitions and is now known as the International Freeskiers and Snowboarders Association.

Who We Are

The IFSA represents the interests of athletes and allows them to have a voice in their sport. We strive to provide athletes international recognition vital to the growth of our sport through events and media. The rules and standards of competition shall be enforced by the IFSA in cooperation with promoters, organizers, athletes, and officials. The IFSA reserves the right to amend, add to or change the official guidelines of competition. Event sanctioning is required for athletes points to be included in tour standings.




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