2021 TJFS Stop 4: Sugar Bowl IFSA Junior Regional 2*

From March 27, 2021 until March 28, 2021





-- DAY 2 RESULTS -- 

This event is open to Regional Athletes only!
Only CA and NV residents may register.



  • As in years past, it will be mandatory for coaches to be in possession of a 2021 IFSA Coach Membership and hold a current L100 or L200 certification.
  • If you are unsure on your certification status, contact the IFSA Admin Team: Contact Us
  • New for 2021: it will now be mandatory for coaches to also register on The Driven for any IFSA Junior events they plan to attend. There is no registration fee, however registration is compulsory if coaches plan to attend. Coaches who HAVE NOT registered will not be granted ticketing benefits or access to the event or venue. Please help keep events running smoothly by completing registration on The Driven. 

Competition Info

Athlete Check-in: Daily COVID 19 Symptom Surveys will serve as athlete and coach check in and will be electronically distributed.

 Athlete Meeting:
Friday at 6pm for Saturday athletes
Saturday at 6 pm for Sunday athletes.
Links to be sent to registered athletes.

*If you cannot attend the mandatory athlete meeting, you must make arrangements with the event organizer, listed below.

Competition Dates: March 27-28, 2021 (see below)
Skiing, Snowboarding
Age Categories: 
12-14, 15-18

Category Schedule
12-14 Ski Females
12-14 Ski Males
All Snowboarders
15-18 Ski Females
15-18 Ski Males

Category run orders and inspection team order will be announced at athlete/coach meetings.


We have specific COVID Guidelines that must be followed.
Here are the clear expectations that we must meet for Stop 4.

  • Spectating will only be allowed while on skis via the purchase of a lift ticket.
  • Walking to the event venue is not allowed.
  • No grouping along rope lines will be allowed. 6’ physical distancing must be adhered to.
  • Dogs are not permitted
  • No spectating inside the rope lines of the event venue


Liability release waivers for this event can be downloaded as a PDF file below. 

Event Contact

For questions specific to this event, the schedule, or cancellation requests,
please contact the Event Organizer:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you wish to compete or coach, you must register during the registration period indicated below.


Event Registration Price: $135
An IFSA Junior membership is required to compete. 
Click Here to obtain your IFSA 2021 Membership.


Lift tickets:

  • Athlete Lift Tickets:  $57.00 
    Lift tickets will be purchased through TJFS. Once registered, information about how to purchase will be sent to the emails used to register athletes. We have made a request for athlete lift tickets for Friday, we are awaiting final approval.

  • Parent/Family Tickets:  Unfortunately no discount tickets for parents will be made available. Lift tickets will need to be arranged and purchased through standard Sugar Bowl processes. 

  • Lift Ticket Distribution
    Athlete lift tickets will be distributed to teams the day prior to the event, details to follow. 

Cancellation Policy

TAHOE FREERIDE Refund and Cancellation Policy
TJFS|Tahoe Freeride schedules, organizes and executes events, provides various types of insurance, maintains regional rankings, and advocates for Freeride athletes in the Far West Region of IFSA. The following event refund and cancellation policy applies to all age groups of registered athletes for both Junior Regional 2* and Junior National 3* event.

● There is a $45 processing fee for all refunds including for reasons of injury or illness.

● Refunds minus the processing fee will be issued up until midnight 10 days before the first day of competition, after that date refunds will not be issued unless due to injury or COVID-19 illness. A Doctor’s note will be required .

● Should event cancellations occur, a refund will be issued minus the $45 processing fee.

● In the instance of a rescheduled event, your original registration fee goes toward the rescheduled date. If you can’t make the rescheduled date you will be issued a refund minus the $45 processing fee. The request must be made 7 days prior to the first day of competition for that rescheduled event.

● If your division is not able to compete you will be issued a refund minus $45 processing fee.

● There will be no refunds to any athlete given the opportunity to take at least one run.


TBA upon completion of event


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  • Western Colorado University
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