2022 RED Mountain IFSA Junior National 3*

From February 03, 2022 until February 06, 2022











ATTENTION: It will be required to
have proof of vaccination to register
for any events at RED Mountain.

This is a requirement for all athletes, coaches and event staff.

Everyone must show their vaccine passport/proof of vaccination to enter the daylodge to check-in for registration.  
For more information, see: https://www.redresort.com/covid/


  • As in years past, it will be mandatory for coaches to be in possession of a IFSA Coach Membership and hold a current L100 or L200 certification.
  • If you are unsure on your certification status, contact the IFSA Admin Team: Contact Us
  • It is mandatory for coaches to also register on The Driven for any IFSA Junior events they plan to attend. There is no registration fee, however registration is compulsory if coaches plan to attend. Coaches who HAVE NOT registered will not be granted ticketing benefits or access to the event or venue. Please help keep events running smoothly by completing registration on The Driven. 

☞  Review the IFSA Series Handbook: CLICK HERE
☞  Back Protectors are MANDATORY for an athlete's competition run(s).
☞  Please review our Venue Inspection & Terrain Enhancement Protocol: CLICK HERE


Competition Info

Athlete Check-in: Wednesday, Feb. 2 (8am - 3pm Conference Room) (Inspection 12-3pm Links Line)

Mandatory* Athlete Meeting: Wednesday, Feb. 2 (5:30pm Sourdough Cafeteria - Option 1, COVID permitting. Option 2 - RED Deck)

*If you cannot attend the mandatory athlete meeting, you must make arrangements with the event organizer, listed below.

Competition Dates: Feb. 3-5 (Weather Day - Feb. 6)
Age Categories:
U12, 12-14 & 15-18

Event Contact

For questions specific to this event, the schedule, or cancellation requests,
please contact the Event Organizer:
Ryan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our COVID policy can be found here: https://www.redresort.com/covid/

**Anyone entering the day lodge that is 12yrs. old + must show vaccine passport and ID.


If you wish to compete or coach, you must register during the registration period indicated below.

      • Pre-Qual Reg OPENS: Nov 29, 2021 @ 5:00 PM MST
      • Pre-Qual Reg CLOSES: Dec 1, 2021 @ 11:59 PM MST
        Athletes will be emailed link by Nov 29th AM

      • Team Quota Reg OPENS:  Dec 2, 2021 @ 5:00 PM MST
      • Team Quota Reg CLOSES: Dec 5, 2019 @ 11:59 PM MST
        Coaches will provide registration instructions to selected athletes

      • Open Registration: December 7, 2021 @ 7:00 PM MST
      • Registration will operate on a first come, first served basis.
      • A waitlist will be activated onece the event is filled
      • Open Registration Link: https://thedriven.net/event.race_regifsa/eid/40736012458 .


Event Registration Price for Athletes: $165 CAD

An IFSA Junior membership is required to compete. 
Click Here to obtain your IFSA Membership.

Event Registration Price for IFSA Coach Members: FREE
An IFSA Coach membership is required to compete. 
Click Here to obtain your IFSA Coach Membership.

Coaches MUST register for event on The Driven to gain ticketing benefits and venue access


Athlete Ticket Deals: 50% off single day rate.
Parent or Family Ticket Deals: 25% off single day rate.

Athlete and Parent 'Access Cards' will be given out during check-in

Lodging Deals: 20% off. Visit - https://www.canadianfreeskiing.com/lodging/

Coaches: Coaches will ONLY qualify for tickets and venue access by completing event registration on The Driven.
You must be a currently certified IFSA Coach with a 2022 IFSA Coach Membership and registered on The Driven.


  • 1 Athlete: No ticket
  • 2-4 Athletes: 1 Free Coach ticket
  • 5-10 Athletes: 2 Free Coach tickets
  • 11-15 Athletes: 3 Free Coach tickets
  • 16+ Athletes: At Event Host’s discretion


Cancellation Policy


- If a rider requests a refund more than two weeks prior to the event date, a full refund (minus transaction fees) will be issued.

- If a rider requests a refund less than two weeks before the event date, a 50% refund (minus transaction fees) will be issued.

- No refund will be provided for cancellations made less than one week before the event date unless doctor provides verification of a positive Covid-19 test.

- If the event should be cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances on event day, no refund will be issued to help cover the administrative costs of event setup and compensating the judges and employees required to be on the hill.

- A 50% refund will be provided if the event is forced to cancel due to local health regulations or restrictions

It is at the sole discretion of the Event Organizer, and not the IFSA, when and under what circumstances a refund will be issued. 
To request a cancellation or refund, you must contact the Event Organizer.

2023 IFSA North American Qualifiers

  • Backcountry Access
  • Flyin Ryan Hawks
  • Freeride World Tour
  • Blizzard Tecnica
  • CAST
  • Western Colorado University
  • SHRED Optics