Why haven't I been admitted into an FWQ 4* event?

For our most difficult event series, the FWQ 4* events, invitations are extended based on an athlete’s ranking in the FWQ 52-week seed list. If you are an unranked rider without a competition history or haven’t competed in the last year, chances are you will probably not be extended an invite to a FWQ 4* event. Unranked riders are bumped down the waitlist below ranked riders. You would typically begin at FWQ 2* level events to establish ranking, thus increasing your chance of being awarded an invitation to a higher rated 3* or 4* event.

To determine the number of invites for each 4* division we use a formula that takes an equal percentage of riders from each division in relation to the amount of riders that applied to compete.

If we had 100 spots available, and 200 people applied, and 20 of those were male snowboarders, then we would award this division 10 spots.

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