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Adult Division, Skier Division

Mali Noyes

Athlete Details:

Age:  25
Division:  FWQ Women's Ski
Home Town:  Sun Valley, Idaho, USA
Home Mountain:  Alta/Snowbird, Utah
Team:  team

Freeriding Titles

  • 2015 FWQ Women's Ski Champion

Describe a highlight moment from your 2015 IFSA season.

I don't think I can name just one moment. When I reflect on the season I think of it as an entire experience. Instead, the highlight of my season, was my season. It was all the traveling, the new and old friends, the jokes, the venues, the deep powder of Taos, the ice of Crested Butte, and the amazing views in Kicking Horse. Combined with being nervous, excited, challenged, and the feeling of accomplishment, it was everything I enjoy about skiing and it all came together to make a great winter.

Where can you be found when you are not freeriding?

Playing outside. I love getting lost and going on adventures. Next to skiing, I really like to run. Its simplicity allows me to go anywhere and explore anything. It doesn't matter where I am, in the middle of a city in Mexico or the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho, running is a way for me to see the landscape, clear my head, and enjoy the experience. While I can't run all the time, I also enjoy river rafting, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

What topic makes you fired up?

Skiing! It has always been skiing, when I was younger it was about nordic skiing and training for nordic skiing. Now I’ve just transitioned into thinking and talking about big mountain skiing, and it’s convenient, because there are a lot of people who like to talk about skiing. Even my chemistry lab partner, he hasn’t skied much, but today we talked about skiing at his home mountain, the indoor ski resort in Dubai.

What would you like to see change in the world and how can you make it happen?

Wow, that’s a big question. There are a lot of things I would like to see change in the world, but to be realistic about something I can actually do, I want to help people through medicine. I am currently taking classes at the University of Utah, finishing all my prerequisites for medical school. I want to become a doctor. Specifically what kind of doctor, I’m not sure, but I like medicine because it allows me to help the individual and see them improve.

Tell us something about yourself that is unusual or little known.

I’ve only been alpine skiing for three years, however I’ve been a nordic skier most of my life. I was a serious nordic racer through high school and college. I raced on the D1 ski team at the University of Utah, but after graduating, I decided to become a “skibum.” While I skied occasionally with my mom when I was growing-up, three years ago I bought my first pair of alpine skis and fell in love with skiing downhill. People think it’s a joke, but some of the bigger things I’ve learned this year are how to kickturn, how to set my own DINs, what length my poles should be, and what reverse camber means.

Freestyle Q!

I’ve spent the last few summers river guiding in Idaho, and while I’ve enjoyed it, I’m excited for this summer. This will be my first summer staying in Utah and taking summer school. I’m excited to rock climb more in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, climb a variety of mountains in the Uintas and Wasatch, run and bike a bunch of new trails, and basically enjoy a variety of adventures (and of course, learn a lot in school).

Shout Outs

My sponsors: Faction skis, Skida headwear, and Idahome apparel.

My parents. They give me courage. They are great parents, they always support and believe in me and are very confident in me. So confident that when I’m unsure, it is their confidence that in turn gives me the courage I need to overcome my fears and barriers to achieve my goals.

And my brother. Not only is he my best friend, but he pushes me to always do my best and try my hardest, while also reminding me to have fun and be rational about the big picture. I have a tendency to overdo things and get too serious, he mellows me out and keeps me young.

2023 IFSA North American Qualifiers

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  • Flyin Ryan Hawks
  • CAST
  • Western Colorado University
  • SHRED Optics
  • Booking.com
  • My Wicked Dude
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