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Adult Division, Skier Division

Kylie Sivell

Athlete Details:

Age:  27
Division: Human/Rat?
Home Town:  Thornburry, Ontario
Home Mountain:  Osler Bluff Ski Club
Team:  Red Mountain

Freeriding Titles

  • 1st Wrangle the chute 2015, 2016. 1st Revelstoke Freeskiing Open 2016. 2nd Taos Freesking championships.

Describe a highlight moment from your 2015 IFSA season.

Pretty much every day on the hill with my friends or solo.

Where can you be found when you are not freeriding?

At this moment, sitting in a medical truck, watching dudes do oil stuff.

What topic makes you fired up?

Disparity between female and male athlete payouts.

Tell us something about yourself that is unusual or little known.

Choosing what to eat at a restaurant is the hardest part of my day.

Shout Outs

Big thanks to my parents for all their support, even when I dropped out of UBC to become a ski bum "for one year". To my home hill Osler Bluff, in Ontario, for their support, and acceptance of this weird "big mountain" skiing thing. Red Mountain, and Revelstoke for letting me ski! Oh and all of the rad people I've met over the past few years, who have driven me all over the America and let me crash couches!

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