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Jedidiah Kravitz

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How was the FWQ season for you this year?

This year on the FWQ was one of the best yet. It's always a great time traveling around with the freeride crew and getting to ski and hang with people you don't always get to see. Comps were held at some of my favorite mountains including Kicking Horse, Crystal, Snowbird, and Kirkwood. I guess qualifying for the FWT was a pretty good icing on the cake too! 

What are you up to this summer preparing for FWT? Any exciting projects planned?

This summer I was busy working to save up for the winter so that I could focus on skiing. I spent most of my free time outside climbing and trail running. I also tried to get into the gym when I could in order to get my legs ready for the ski season on the FWT. Besides competing this year, I am planning to film again with the Ski For the Love crew for our second season. We are looking to release a couple of edits this November/early December so check in on my Instagram for updates on that! 

Anyone you look up to or inspires you? Anyone you look forward to competing with on FWT?

My friends have always been the biggest inspiration for me. Its the people that I surround myself with that keep me stoked and psyched to ski. Besides them, I have always looked up to Candide Thovex and Tanner Hall. They are both so well rounded as they have excelled in every aspect of the sport. They also both came back from some pretty heavy injuries to ski better than ever which should be a huge inspiration for more than just the ski community. 

I look forward to competing with everyone on the FWT roster. I was just looking at the list of all the skiers and riders and there are just so many talented athletes. I truly feel like anyone could take the overall title this season. It will also be cool to share the start gate with athletes that I have been watching on the Tour for years like Reine Barkered, Kristofer Turdell, and Leo Slemett. Stoked for a great season! 

2023 IFSA North American Qualifiers

  • Backcountry Access
  • Flyin Ryan Hawks
  • CAST
  • Western Colorado University
  • SHRED Optics
  • Booking.com
  • My Wicked Dude
  • Skicom For Freeskiers 1