Big Mountain Head Coach - Park City Ski & Snowboard Club


PCSS Big Mountain Head Coach


Reports to: PCSS Freeski Director
Employment Status: Full-time salaried employee, overtime exempt
Supervises: Big Mountain Division Coaching Staff

If interested, please apply online application will be open until filled. All applicants must register online to be considered for this position.

Position Summary:

The Park City Ski & Snowboard (“PCSS”) Big Mountain Head Coach is responsible for developing and managing all aspects of the PCSS Big Mountain program. The role includes creating and implementing a long term strategic plan and vision for the Big Mountain program, managing the Big Mountain division budget, overseeing all Big Mountain coaching staff, managing venues/facilities/hosted events, fostering the Backcountry training and growing the program. The Big Mountain Head Coach will also provide on hill technical training/coaching, at all levels of the program, as needed.

The Big Mountain Head Coach reports directly to and works closely with the PCSS Freeski Director to ensure club-wide standards for program delivery, communications, operational excellence, and culture/community are met.

The Big Mountain Head Coach is the face of the Park City Big Mountain community and the successful candidate will possess high-touch public relations and constituent engagement skills to appropriately and persuasively represent PCSS. The Big Mountain Head Coach is also responsible for maintaining positive relationships with the donor community, alumni, business partners, and the Big Mountain ecosystem globally to effectively support club-wide fundraising efforts for PCSS.

Primary Big Mountain Head Coach Responsibilities:

  • Long-Range Strategic Plan and Vision: Responsible for creating a 1- and 5-year Strategic Plan and Vision for PCSS Big Mountain. This plan will be approved by the PCSS Freeski Director and then communicated by the Big Mountain Head Coach to the athletes, parents, coaches, and closely aligned business partners on an annual basis.

  • Athlete Development: Responsible for creating and implementing both group and individual athlete development plans. Such plans include seasonal and longer-term dryland and Big Mountain training, competition schedules, summer camps, and progression to the highest level of competition for individual athletes at all levels of the program, etc.

  • Coaching Staff and Development: Responsible for recruiting, retaining and developing the highest caliber coaching staff and creating coach education material.

  • Budgeting and Accounting: Work with Freeski Director on all financial aspects of the program, including managing the Big Mountain division budget, payroll, and ensuring all PCSS accounting protocols and financial controls are followed by Big Mountain coaches and staff. The Freeski Director shall provide regular financial updates to the Executive Director and PCSS finance committee.

  • Venue Operations: The Big Mountain Head Coach is responsible for developing and maintaining strong working relationships with Vail/Park City Mountain, the Utah Olympic Park and Woodward Park City. This will require prompt and timely communication to these partner venues regarding needs and/or changes to training and competition schedules. The Program Director will follow and enforce with coaches and athletes all venue protocols and directives.

  • Hosting Events: The Big Mountain Head Coach will plan the Big Mountain sport event calendar in coordination with IFSA and assist the PCSS Event Director in executing PCSS Big Mountain fundraising and community events.

  • PCSS Code of Conduct: Responsible for abiding by and enforcing the PCSS, USSS and IFSA Codes of Conduct as applicable to all PCSS athletes, coaches, and administrative staff.

  • Communication: Responsible for managing all internal and external communications involving the Big Mountain division. The Big Mountain Head Coach shall ensure in particular that communications to membership are clear, promptly and regularly delivered, and consistent across the division. Such communications shall include but are not limited to information regarding program updates, practice schedules, race schedules, news about club culture, club policies and procedures, travel information, etc. The Big Mountain Head Coach is also responsible for ensuring the Big Mountain section of the PCSS website, including the staff roster, are up to date. The Big Mountain Head Coach is also responsible for providing a monthly “Update” to the Community Engagement Director with information about the division to be included in club-wide newsletters, donor updates, and partner communications.

  • Fundraising and Sponsorship: The Big Mountain Head Coach is responsible for supporting all PCSS-wide fundraising and scholarship efforts and to maintain strong relationships with all PCSS partners, sponsors, and donors.

  • Equipment: The Big Mountain Head Coach is responsible for overseeing the equipment needs, inventory, maintenance, and repairs of all PCSS common equipment, whether owned, leased, or on loan -- including all facility assets and related equipment, professional tools, vehicles, and other real property.

  • Transportation: The Big Mountain Head Coach is responsible for helping maintain PCSS’ vehicle fleet as well as supervising and enforcing all PCSS transportation policies.

  • Leadership: The Big Mountain Head Coach will maintain positions in IMD and/or IFSA and provide input for the Big Mountain calendar. The position will also regularly interface with NGB counterparts to ensure best practices for Big Mountain athlete development are being met.

  • Membership Engagement: While coaches are the primary line of communication for athletes and parents, the Big Mountain Head Coach will develop a membership engagement strategy and serve as an escalation point to resolve broader issues.

  • The Big Mountain Head Coach will assist the Freeski Director and other Sport Directors in meeting goals of the “Utah Olympic Legacy Foundation’s Sport 2030 Initiative” including promoting broad and diverse participation in the Big Mountain program, increasing retention and cultivating programming and culture that supports athletes becoming “champions in life”. See Sport 2030 Executive Summary


Knowledge, Skills and Competencies:
● Equal commitment to athletic excellence and character development of young athletes
● Respect for and a strong commitment to the legacy, tenets, and mission of PCSS
● Passion for athlete development at all ages
● Commitment to “one club” philosophy and demonstrating a high level of respect for all PCSS divisions and disciplines
● Desire to retain current athletes and grow participation in the Big Mountain program
● Commitment to supporting the PCSS goal of increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Big Mountain program
● Ability to lead and inspire staff, athletes, PCSS leadership team, members and partners
● Ability develop strong working relationships with a variety of stakeholders
● Ability to plan, prioritize, coordinate, delegate, manage own work, make decisions, and solve problems effectively and creatively
● Avalanche Level 1 with ability to acquire Level 2 next winter
● US Ski and Snowboard Volunteer membership or Level 100 coaching license or better
● IFSA Level 100 coaching license with ability to acquire Level 200 next winter
● Strong budgeting skills and willingness to work within budget
● Excellent interpersonal and communication skills both verbal and written
● A goal-oriented, thorough, and detailed approach to work
● Ability to present information and motivate individuals, groups, and business partners about the PCSS mission in order to recruit athletes, coaches, and sponsors/partners
● Ability to represent PCSS Big Mountain in the Park City community and nationally

Education and Experience:

● Bachelor’s Degree and either a Master’s Degree or equivalent work experience.
● Experience managing and leading high-level teams and programs
● Extensive knowledge of competitive Big Mountain Skiing
● Extensive knowledge of USSS and IFSA
● Extensive knowledge of Avalanche/Snow Awareness and Safety
● Extensive knowledge of all IFSA regulations and protocols
● Significant background in Big Mountain as both a coach and administrator, prior competitive experience preferred
● Proficient knowledge of and comfort with technology. Familiarity with Google suite, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other commonly used computer based tools and resources


Physical Requirements:
● On snow up to 8 hours per day on expert terrain
● Can require course preparation, and working in extreme winter conditions
● Will require attendance at all PCSS fundraising and social events, and other such similar functions as may be requested by the Executive Director
● Can require up to 7-days per week schedule during competition season
This job description is not an employment agreement or contract. Management has the exclusive right to alter the scope of work within the framework of the job description at any time without prior notice.


If interested, please apply online application will be open until filled. All applicants must register online to be considered for this position.


PROGRAM DIRECTOR - Loveland Ski Club

Loveland Ski Club

For Full Job Description please visit:

Program Director - Loveland Ski Club
Loveland Ski Club (LSC and/or the Club) exists to provide athletes the skills and tools needed to develop to their highest individual potential through a fun, safe and professional skiing environment. We nurture a culture of community, family and character.

As the Program Director (PD) for LSC, this position is responsible for implementing LSC’s vision, providing leadership, and overseeing the Club and its staff. The PD will also oversee and assist in overall planning and administration including program management, community relations, and business operations.

The PD will work with the LSC Board of Directors (BoD) to implement the long-range strategic goals and objectives of LSC. The PD will be tasked with operating an efficient and professional organization. This person will collaborate with appropriate personnel to maintain the Club’s necessary infrastructure including adequate technological equipment and training, facilities and maintenance, insurance, financial and legal counsel, internal systems and procedure and all other supplies and/or services necessary.

LSC Primary Needs:
1. LSC needs continued growth in the entry level programs in order to support the upper level/full time programs;
2. LSC culture of family and fun needs to be cultivated in all programs and fostered by all coaches and staff at every level;
3. LSC needs a methodology to manage, measure, and develop coaches to increase their capability in technical, personal, and professional areas;
4. LSC needs to be able to move athletes to more advanced and full time programs when athletes are ready and not keep them too long in junior and part-time programs.
         a. Includes moving athletes from 1 day to 2 days and part-time to full time
5. LSC needs procedures for consistent open communication at all levels to all stakeholders:
parents, athletes, BoD, and Loveland Ski Area management

LSC Secondary Needs:
1. LSC needs concrete development of both strategic and tactical plans in order to ensure long term viability:
● Athlete Programs
● Financial performance
● Mountain management cooperation
● Leadership with all staff
● Strong relationship with BoD
● Goals and objectives

Primary Program Director Requirements:

1. Growing Entry-Level Programs
     a. Background in growing entry level programs or developed plans to do same
          i. Includes hiring and training of coaches
          ii. Recruitment of junior athletes
          iii. Hiring appropriate administrator capable of administering program and communication with parents
          iv. Expand and grow existing culture

2. Culture of Coaches and Staff
          i.   Background in extending culture from individual to group focus
          ii.   Instill a common culture in all staff, both full time and part time
          iii.  Develop, encourage, and monitor implementation of the culture


3. Management of Staff
a. Be able to define and demonstrate management of both full time and part time personnel
          i.    Define a ‘coaching profile’ for every program level from entry program to full-time
          ii.   Define management philosophy
          iii.  Show history or developed process to manage, mentor, and measure coaches
          iv.  Show history or developed process to ‘upgrade’ capability of existing coaches in all phases of coaching from technology,                 process, teaching, life skills, etc.
          v.   Define requirements for coaches at every program level
          vi.  Define plans to recruit new staff and coaches


4. History or developed process to identify athletes who should be encouraged to move to a higher-level program
a. How long should an athlete be in each program
          i. Technical capability
          ii. Maturity
          iii. Desire
          iv. Communication with parents and coaches

5. Show history or developed process to foster continual and open communication with all LSC stakeholders
a. Foster cross program communication
b. Communicate routinely with Loveland Ski Area management on LSC status and needs
c. Understand that parents are the buyers and athletes are the users


Anticipated salary range is between $100,000 and $130,000 per year commensurate with experience and background.

Loveland Ski Club is an equal opportunity employer. In accordance with anti-discrimination law. LSC prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type and affords equal employment opportunities to employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, age, national origin, disability status, genetic information, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Applicants should submit resume and cover letter addressing each item in the Program Director Requirements.
Applicant may submit such information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Freeride Manager - Crystal Mountain Resort




FREERIDE MANAGER - Crystal Mountain Resort

Position Title: Freeride Manager

Business Unit: Freeride

Position Reports to: Director of Snowsports

Positions Reporting to this Role: Freeride Supervisor & Coaches

Location: Crystal Mountain, Washington



Please reach out to Michael Birch-Jones, Assistant Director of the Ski & Ride School
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• Lead, Train, and Mentor Freeride coaches.
• Recruit, interview, and hire coaching staff.
• Communicate effectively on scheduling requirements and registration to ensure reasonable class sizes.
• Foster and encourage an environment of safety and responsibility within the program.
• Act as liaison to the parents through the program to ensure effective communication and feedback.
• Coordinate, schedule, and produce IFSA freeride events in conjunction with Marketing, Events, and IFSA.
• Manage Freeride budget.
• Assist with freeride program product and pricing development.
• Manage operations of freeride program.
• Other tasks as assigned.


This job description is an overview of the scope of responsibilities and is not intended to be an inclusive list of job tasks and expectations. With the evolution of this resort and position, the responsibilities of this position may change.

• Strong freeriding teaching skills to be able to a lead groups into all levels of terrain and conditions.
• The ability to set a Professional example both on and off the hill to his/her staff and students.
• Previous Freeride experience both in competition and coaching athletes preferred.
• Ability to mentor coaches within the program.
• Ability to use Microsoft Office and Teams.


• This position may be required to work evenings, weekends and holidays while in operation.
• Able to lift, carry, or otherwise move and position a minimum of 50 pounds on an occasional basis.
• Manual dexterity to operate a computer and other common office equipment on a constant basis.
• Auditory and visual acuity to communicate with computers, phones, and mobile devices and basic office equipment on a constant basis.
• Ability to work for extended periods of time on skis/snowboards standing, sliding, sitting, bending, reaching, and speaking on a constant basis.
• Talking and hearing occur continuously in the process of communicating with guests, supervisors and other employees.
• Able to spend long periods outside without breaks. (Minimum 2 hours)

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
An Equal Opportunity Employer


2020 IFSA North American Qualifiers

  • Backcountry Access
  • Flyin Ryan Hawks
  • Freeride World Tour
  • Blizzard Tecnica
  • CAST
  • Western Colorado University
  • SHRED Optics