Perry Martin

The Unofficial Pick for Monday January 23, 2012

Athlete Name: Perry Elizabeth Martin

Freeride Program & Head Coach: Alta Snowbird Freeride Team - Rob Greener

Stephen Helfenbein, AltaBird Coach -   "Perry is awesome!  She has a passion for skiing and competition that positively impacts all of the AltaBird Freeride Team. One thing that sets her apart is her competitive drive.  She is not the type of person to get complacent or be satisfied with past success.  Perry wants to win!  She is always striving to improver her game.  She's not afraid to put in the work it takes to be successful.  She couldn't be more coachable - just yesterday she completely changed her skiing.  Even though Perry has had great accomplishments in skiing and will continue to, she is the kind of young woman who will be really good at everything she does."


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Ian Borgeson

The Unofficial Pick for Monday January 30, 2012

Athlete Name: Ian Lars Borgeson

Freeride Program & Head Coach: Team Summit - Jason Anthony and Ryan Van Nuys

Ryan Van Nuys, Team Summit -   "Ian Borgeson is one of the most energetic, fun skiers I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  No matter what the circumstances, Ian manages to make other skiers smile and enjoy themselves.  While maintaining this fun vibe, he has managed to take advantage of every opportunity to become an amazingly well-rounded skier.   From moguls and groomers, to jump lines and rails, he does it all with tons of style." 

Season Edit 2010/2011 from Ian Borgeson on Vimeo.

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Christian Nichols

The Unofficial Pick for Monday February 6, 2012

Athlete Name: Christian McLean Nichols

Freeride Program & Head Coach: Ski & Snowboard Club Vail, Garrett Scahill

Garrett Scahill, Ski Club Vail -   "Christian is passionate, determined, humble, goal oriented, a team leader and a motivator.  He is one of the best athletes I've had the opportunity to coach.  " 

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Riley & Casey Rose

The Unofficial Pick for Monday February 13, 2012

Athlete Name: Riley James Rose and Casey Austin Rose

Freeride Program & Head Coach: Independent

We have skied with Alta/Snowbird in the past;  Steven Helfenbein was our head coach for three years.  Currently we compete with our own skills we learned from the Alta/Snowbird program and other IFSA people who have taught us over the years.  We are thankful to Steven, Rob Greener, Jim Jack, and everyone else who has coached us and made the comps so much fun.  

Jim Jack, Head IFSA Judge  "Casey and Riley Rose are an exciting pair of brothers.  They are spririted, competitive, and passionate to the game and their energy and enthusiasm is contagious to other competitors.  They are multi-talented athletes, active in a range of other sports.  Their skills and creativity shine every time they leave the start gate and each run they throw down is a display of their joy and excitement for the sport and mountains.  These two exemplify the key elements we love so much about freeskiing and are great ambassadors to the sport and their peers."

Riley Rose from Riley Rose on Vimeo.

Casey Rose from Casey Rose on Vimeo.

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Drew Hartley

The Unofficial Pick for Monday January 2nd, 2012

Athlete Name: Drew Newton Hartley

Nickname: D Munzoes


Freeride Program & Head Coach:  Sugar Bowl Freeride, Trevor Tanhoff

Trevor Tanhoff  "Drew's strengths are his patience and character. He has always known that he has to work to get any success in skiing and does so with grace. I really like that he responds to challenges and steps it up when the time is right. To think that he has this and next year still in the juniors, I just can't wait to see what happens next!"


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