10-Steps For Junior Athlete Registration on The Driven Platform

Follow these instructions to successfully register you athlete(s) for 2018-2019 IFSA Freeride events hosted on The Driven platform.

The vast majority of Regional Series events for IFSA Juniors run registration on The Driven platform. All IFSA Junior National Series events will take place on The Driven. Use this handy guide to successfully register on The Driven. 

NOTE: Many IFSA Freeride events are extremely popular and sell out quickly. To ensure your best change of gaining a spot you must have an Active 2019 IFSA Membership and you must know your username and password to register.
To test your username and password - CLICK HERE
If you have lost your username or password - CLICK HERE


Step 1.

Buy your 2019 IFSA Junior Membership HERE.

Returning athletes must use the 'Renew' button and use their old username/password to login. DO NOT use 'Join Now' or a new profile and IFSA number will be created. 
Athletes new to the IFSA should choose the 'Join Now' option.

Step 2.

To find event information and determine the registration date and time - check out the IFSA Junior Event Pages and locate your event of choice.

Step 3.

Have your IFSA Membership athlete login information handy. All athletes will need to enter this login while registering for an event on The Driven. Your login information (username and password) was created when you purchased your IFSA Membership. You can always check your login and password here by accessing your profile. If you are registering multiple athletes, each athlete will have a separate username and password.
A separate username and password is required for each athlete as each unique IFSA number is how we calculate rankings. You may not use the same username and password for multiple athletes.

Step 4.

Once registration is open, (keep refreshing your internet browser to access the registration page) select the correct division. If needed, you are able to select more than one registration option to register multiple athletes in the same family. Select the number of slots from the drop-down menu in each division. 


Driven Instructions 1

Step 5.

IF YOUR DIVISION IS SOLD OUT - you will have the option to add the athlete to a waitlist. YOUR CARD IS NOT CHARGED IF YOU ADD AN ATHLETE TO THE WAITLIST. If you do choose to add an athlete to a waitlist, your credit card will be authorized but not charged. In the event of a cancellation in the same division, the athlete will be notified via email if they are moved off the waitlist onto the participant list and the credit card will then be charged.

Driven Reg 2

Click “Proceed to Registration”. At this point, your selected spots will be held for 2 minutes while you login and verify your membership. Once you login, your spot will be saved for an additional 28 minutes while you complete registration for each athlete. If you fail to complete verification within 2 minutes, your slot will go back into to queue. If, after you have verified your membership, you do not complete registration, your slot will also be returned to the queue. 

  •  Be prepared to verify each athlete’s membership. Have their username and password ready.
  •  Emergency contact will be editable for each event. This should be an adult who plans to be at or near the venue/event.

Driven Instructions 4

Driven Instructions 4

Step 6.

Fill out the information fields and complete the digital signature capture for all the waivers and the cancellation policy.

Driven Instructions 5

Step 7.

If you are only registering one athlete, click 'Proceed to Checkout.'
If you need to register another athlete click “Register Next Participant” at the bottom of the form.

Driven Instructions 6

Step 8.

If you register another athlete, repeat the process described above. Then complete the payment information.

Step 9.

You will receive a confirmation email that will be sent to the primary email address associated with your IFSA Membership. If you do not receive an email, we recommend checking your athlete's email inbox.

Step 10.

Have an EPIC season.

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