Results Are In - Andorra Wrap in Pictures!

Congrats to all of the IFSA atheltes battling the strong winds (up to 160 km/h), intermittent snow and flat light on the competition face (Pic Alt de Cubil)!  Way to REPRESENT TEAM IFSA!

FJWC Brd Wmn Podium.jpg

FJWC Brd Wmn Scores.jpg

FJWC Ski Wmn Podium.jpg

FJWC Ski Wmn Scores.jpg

FJWC Brd Men Podium.jpg

FJWC Brd Men Scores.jpg

FJWC Ski Men Podium.jpg

FJWC Ski Men Scores 1.jpg

FJWC Ski Men Scores 2.jpg

FJWC Ski Men Scores 3.jpg


2017 IFSA North American Champions

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  • IOA Insurance Services
  • SASS Global Travel
  • Never Summer
  • Stohke
  • Flyin Ryan Hawks
  • PromoShop
  • Big B's
  • The Avalanche Project
  • WebEZ.net