Level 100 Coach Certification

Since December 2015, when the IFSA first announced the Level 100 (L100) Coach Certification program, more than 120 coaches across North America have initiated the certification process. We’d like to extend congratulations to the first wave of IFSA L100 Certified Coaches and encourage those in the process to complete their certification courses.

The IFSA L100 Coach Certification is a self-paced online program where coaches are educated on the following principles:

  • SafeSport
  • Venue Inspection
  • Rules and Judging
  • Risk Management/Decision Making
  • Basic First Aid
  • Avalanche Safety

The L100 certification is designed for entry level coaches to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the rules and safety requirements of Big Mountain Freeride Competition. 

Coaches 3

For 2018 and beyond, an active IFSA L100 Coach Certification will be REQUIRED to access competition venues and coach junior athletes at IFSA sanctioned events. An active coach membership provides access to the online Learning Management System incorporated into the IFSA website where coaches can earn their IFSA L100 certification at no additional charge.

Click here to access the IFSA Coach Certification Course.

Level 200 Coach Certification Program

Coming in December 2017, IFSA will roll out the Level 200 Coach Certification Program intended for full time coaches and program directors. This 2-day L200 workshop includes classroom time and an on-snow deep dive into venue inspection, rules and judging, risk management/decision making, as well as basic aerial technique and skier/rider technique detection, correction, and demonstration skills. The L200 Coach will also be required to hold a current AIARE Level 1 (or equivalent) Avalanche Training Certification. To be eligible for the L200 workshop, coaches must hold an active L100 certification for at least one full season. In addition to the coach membership, an additional fee will be required for the 2-day IFSA L200 workshop to help cover facilities and trainer costs.

Over the next few seasons IFSA will develop a base of Trainers in each region to administer L200 workshops and evaluate candidates. Through Trainer shadowing and progressive engagement, successful candidates will earn an IFSA L300 Coach credential.

Coaches who are interested in becoming an IFSA L300 Coach (Trainer) should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Development of the progressive education program content is a collaborative effort with key support from IFSA Education Sponsors, Backcountry Access (BCA) and the Flyin’ Ryan Foundation.  This is an exciting time in the history of our great sport. Keep posted for news and further developments as coaching milestones are achieved in the coming year!


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Jordan Aid

Scott Astaldi

Derek Brown

Mike Bruno

Clayton Bryant

Matteo Campbell

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Chris Carter

Claire Cipelletti

Jim Cleary

Jon Dean

Eric Deslauriers

Jason Dobbs

James Don Parmer

Josh Else

Nate Gardner

Colin Gordon

Alexandra Hudson

Doug Hudson

Takeaki Kato

Kelsey Kelsey

Shaun King

Matt Lancaster

Brian Lyster

Josh Mattson

Aaron Mcgovern

Bobby Mead

Corey Nugent

Dennis Opaki

Adam Paul

Maro Paz

Matthew Reuter

Tom Ronay

Bryan Salatino

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Theresa Sippel

Kevin Smith

Drew Tabke

Trevor Tanhoff

Shawni Tanner

Ryan Van

Marcus Wadlington

Sam Wallace

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Erik Wettersten

Garrett Wisniewski


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Sebastien Berthiaume

Michael Bochenek

Craig Calder

Dylan Chamon

James Dean

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William Dujardin

Alex Else

Todd Farmer

Dan Garringer

Jesse Goosman

Davin Grapentine

Liam Harry

Tom Hite

Justin Holder

Sarah Jane

Gregg Janecky

Kyle Johnston

Todd Jones

Pete Kochalka

Emma Lande

Jeffrey Leonardo

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Steven Rubinstein

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Jeff Schwartz

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