2018 Mayor of Freeride

The IFSA Introduces the new 2018 Jim Jack Mayor of Freeride...

Every year the IFSA community takes a moment to nominate someone who embodies the spirit of Freeride. The Mayor of Freeride award is a special honor dedicated to one of the heroes of our sport, skiing legend and Head Judge of the Freeskiing World Tour, Jim Jack. The Mayor of Freeride is an elected official who embodies the spirit of Jim Jack and truly shines with the spirit of Freeride. As chosen by you, our freeride community. Huge congrats are in order to honor our newest Mayor...

Cole Wettersten


The IFSA Freeride community nominated Cole thanks to his:

  • Endless passion for Freeride and his fellow athletes
  • Radiant personality that celebrates life on and off the snow
  • Contagious attitude of good vibes and sportsmanship

cole W podium

The 2018 Mayor of Freeride election saw a record-breaking 213 votes and a huge chuck of those votes highlighted Cole's amazing spirit of sportsmanship and touted the fantastic example he set for younger riders and fellow teammates. We are thrilled that Cole is here to represent our sport in such a positive light. We can't list all the wonderful things our community said about Cole, but here are a few standout quotes from our community. 

"Cole is a great role model for the younger kids. He skied with them and coaches them all while keeping them safe. He always has a smile on his face." 
- John Monkouski

"Cole skis to have fun and enjoy life, in doing this everyone around him is enlivened by his spirt. Wherever Cole is everyone around him is smiling and having a great time."
- Sofia Thoms

"He is the definition of Freeride as a person. He has the most love for the sport I have ever seen. You’ll know that he deserves to be the Mayor of Freeride the moment you meet him."
-Casey Myers

"Cole has the true Freeride spirit! He lets it fly and is free when on the mountain. Cole is also an excellent role model and mentor. He made friends with my son when they first met at SASS Argentina 2 years ago. Cole will represent IFSA and all that it stands for."
- Nancy Haack

The IFSA would like to congratulate Cole and thank him for bringing such immense positivity and good vibes to our sport. We all look up to Cole as an example of what a Freerider should be. 

Jim Jack Tribute from Subaru Freeskiing World Tour on Vimeo

2017 Mayor of Freeride

The 2017 Jim Jack Mayor of Freeride was SquawFree skier, Mia Winans! Looking back at Mia's amazing time as an IFSA Junior, we are struck by what a charismatic, kind, and humble athlete Mia has become. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about Mia and Jim Jack Mayors of the storied past.  

A Mia Podiums

A word from Mia:

"I've always been infatuated with different art forms, but I was never any good at painting and I couldn't strum a guitar. Freeride skiing allows me to use my creativity and make something out of the skills I do have. 

After six years of competing in the IFSA Junior Series, I have developed such a deep love for the sport and all of the obstacles, laughs, and people that come with it. When I heard my name being called for the Mayor of Freeride, I got goosebumps! I've worked very hard to progress the sport for women and support all the skiers out there. Being recognized for this is an amazing feeling! Thanks to everyone that made this happen. I've got so much love for the freeride community that has made me who I am."
----Mia Winans

kirkwood noram 106

A word from Mia's coach:

"Mia came to SquawFree at age 8 with the all the qualities of a champion. She has a competitive hunger that has her always pushing her limits and progressing herself both as a skier and a person. She carries herself in the same way off the snow. Balancing her focused competitive edge with her fun-loving zeal and passion for the sport, she is highly regarded by her peers and is a perfect choice for the Mayor of Freeride."
----Jason Dobbs, Head Coach of SquawFree 


Since 2013, The IFSA has recognized one stand out individual who perfectly exemplifies the spirit of Freeride. This is to honor the legend of IFSA Head Judge and President, Jim Jack, who was lost to us in a tragic avalanche in the Tunnel Creek area of Steven's Pass, Washington. To honor Jim Jack's legacy and enormous contribution to Freeride, the community submits votes each year to elect a Mayor of Freeride. This is a special IFSA tradition to honor the things we love most about freeride.



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