Join The IFSA Volunteer Board of Directors!

Our newly designed volunteer Board of Directors has been crafted to meet the explosive demand for competitive Freeride events. We are currently seeking individuals to fill vacancies for new volunteer Advisory Board Chairs and Advisory Positions to help accomodate our growth!

Kirkwood Junior NorAm Championship Event
The mission of the IFSA is to operate as the sanctioning body for Big Mountain and Freeride competition in North and South America. We provide opportunities for junior and adult competitors to compete and progress. We strive to pursue every opportunity to permit athletes to compete, learn, train, and safely have fun as an IFSA member.

We invite you to file an application to join our IFSA Board of Directors and help to shape the future of Freeride. We are looking to fill both Advisory Board Chairs and Advisory Positions for the 2018 season, effective immediately.

If interested, please take a few minutes to complete the short questionnaire below. Your role will impact decisions made by the IFSA and how the sport of Freeride is governed in North America. More information about the available volunteer positions is detailed below.


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Advisory Board Chair
As a member of the Board of Directors, the Advisory Board Chairs meet 4 times per year with their designated Advisory Member(s) and once monthly (12 yearly meetings) with the Board of Directors. These individuals will possess project management capabilities and will be responsible for monthly progress reports. They will be given voting power within the Board of Directors.

Advisory Positions
Meets 4 times per year with their designated Advisory Board Chairperson.

Individuals needed for both the Advisory Board Chair and Advisory Positions are highlighted below in green. Positions to be filled include:

  • Budget Committee Chair & Advisory Positions
  • Coach Advisory Positions
  • Technical Director Advisory Positions
  • Event Coordinator Advisory Board Chair & Advisory Positions
  • Regional Delegates Advisory Board Chair & Advisory Positions
  • FWQ Pro Rider Board Chair & Advisory Positions

If you have further questions or would like more information, please contact the IFSA directly.
We look forward to strengthening our community and growing the sport of freeride with your help!

Kirkwood Parents

Photos: Kim Bromley

2017 IFSA North American Champions

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