Three New FWQ Events in South America for Summer 2017

Local and regional organizers have been busy partnering up with the Freeride World Tour to create a dynamic and exciting Freeride World Qualifying (FWQ) tour in South America for 2017. FWQ Athletes can now extend their training and competition season down in South America with a diversity of great events.

Freeride Sudamerica, Freeride Chile, and Freeride Argentina have partnered with the Freeride World Tour to announce a full series of FWT Qualifying events for 2017 in the Andes.

This evolution signifies a milestone in opportunities for athletes to compete in freeride skiing and snowboarding events in the region. We are proudly laying the foundation for the future growth of the sport across one of the most evocative mountain ranges in the world: the Andes. Freeride Chile is hosting 3 new competitions as the Freeride Chile Championship Series. THE FWQ 2* event at Chapelco, Argentina returns for another year. The schedule has been coordinated such that athletes will have time to arrange travel between the venues. We expect that 2017 will be one of the best years yet for freeride in this corner of the globe.

“We’re very excited about the developments in the Andes, with a national series of events in Chile and the return of the Chapelco Back Bowls 2* event, this season is poised to be a fantastic year for freeriding in South America. The team at Freeride Sudameria has worked closely with both Freeride Chile and Freeride Argentina to create a comprehensive schedule of events that will become the foundation for future competition seasons in the Andes.”

-Freeride World Tour Americas Manager, Tom Winter

The 2017 series kicks off with a 2* event at Nevados de Chillan spanning August 10-13. This unique ski area is one of the best suited environments for freeriding in Chile, with open bowls, cliffs and playful terrain nestled against the flanks of an active volcano. While not competing, atheltes will admire steaming fumaroles and hunt for hot springs hidden in Araucaria forests. It’s a destination that is sure to bring unforgettable memories for all competitors.

The next FWQ event will take place near the remote Antillanca Volcano in Southern Chile on August 17-19. Located in Chile’s Puyehue National Park, approximately 98 kilometers from the scenic town of Osorno, the area around Antillanca offers spectacular landscapes. The area is surrounded by native forests punctuated by volcanoes and alpine lakes. The ski resort is serviced by 5 lifts and fetures 14 trails with a total of length of 35 kilometers. Freeriders will find the most appeal in the off-piste terrain; the open powder fields, natural wind lips and spectacular hiking terrain is some of the best in Chile.

After Antillanca the Argentine ski area of Chapelco welcomes the athletes. Now in its 2nd year, the Chapelco Back Bowls 2* FWQ event spans August 31 – September 3, and hosts competitors at the beautiful town of San Martin de los Andes. This venue for this event will be located within the Back Bowls of Chapelco, with the athletes skiing their lines and hiking back out upon exiting the finish corral. Athletes will discover numerous line choices, plenty of opportunities for airing, and an excellent south-facing exposure that shelters powder long after storms have rumbled through the area.

The FWQ Series Tour returns to Chile for the final FWQ event of the season, with an August 24-27 date at Correlco. Located high on the slopes of the volcano Lonquimay, Correlco is a legendary freeriding zone, with massive bowls, long ridges, and ample ski touring and mountaineering options. Athletes may opt to test there mettle by climbing above the ski area to the summit of Lonquimay Volcano itself. This spectacular location will provide a fitting finale to an exciting season of South American freeride.

“We’re really excited about the events this year, we’ve spent two years working with resorts to develop a series of events at unique venues throughout the Andes. These new events in Chile coupled with the return of a great competition in Chapelco make this a season not to be missed for anyone with passion for freeride.”

- Freeride Chile Tour Manager, Fernando “Focha” Ochagavia. 

Chile Roundup

Full Schedule


  • Aug 10-13: Nevados de Chillan

  • Aug 17-19: Antillanca

  • Aug 31-Sep 3: Corralco


  • Aug 24-27: Chapelco


For additional information please contact:
Tom Winter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +01 303 525 7767
Fernando Ochagavia: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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