Pro Freeriders Board Election

We need your help in ensuring the best possible 
future for the sport of Freeride. Take a moment to participate in the Pro Freeriders Board election. Your vote matters!

The Pro Freeriders Board (PFB) is a group of FWT and FWQ riders tha provide the Freeride World Tour with feedback about decisions concerning rules and format which may impact athletes. 

The board is composed of prominent riders in the sport of Freeride, led by a General Secretary.

FWQ athletes of North and South America nominate and vote one representitive of Region 2 to participate on the PFB.
The PFB provides feeback to the FWQ on the following points:

  • Changes or suggestions to the season calendar
  • Integrity of the competition format
  • Evaluating the judging criteria and event rules
  • Preserving a fair path for newcomers to qualify for the FWT via FWQ events
  • Weigh in on ranking system and ability of athletes to progress

The nominations have been cast and we have 13 riders up for consideration to fulfill one spot to represent the Americas Region on the PFB.

  • Kai White

  • Stuart Edgerly

  • Will Dujardin

  • Marie-Pierre Tremblay

  • Emma Patterson

  • Dylan Dipentima

  • Martin Lentz

  • Michelle Locke

  • Bryn Clingwall

  • Xander Guldman

  • Mitchell Stagg

  • Kelsey Hyche

  • Brian Bozack


Please note that ONLY ACTIVE FWQ RIDERS are eligible to cast a vote. Votes recieved from individuals without an active IFSA membership will not be counted. The nomination process for the 2018 Region 2 PFB member will be open until June 14th, 2017. 

The voting and election period for nominated riders will begin June 25th and close Sunday, July 2, 2017.

We will announce the new FWQ representatives on the Pro Freeriders Board in the beginning of July.

 Thank you kindly for your participation to help us foster a thriving Freeride community.

If you have further questions or would like more information, please contact the IFSA directly. We look forward to strengthening our community and maintaining integrity in the sport of Freeride, with your help!

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Photos by Hywell Williams (@hywelwilliamsphoto)

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