IFSA and the 2017 TGR Grom Contest

We are excited to tell our IFSA Junior Athletes about the 8th annual Grom Contest from Teton Gravity Research, presented by Fischer Alpine Sports. 
If you are unsure what to do with all the footage you collected from freeride competitions and freeskiing days this season, fear not! Put that footage to use to win SWEET weekly and monthly prizes from TGR. One grand prize winner will take home some SERIOUSLY awesome honors...

We are confident that the best shredders and skiers around are IFSA athletes. Let’s show TGR what IFSA athletes can do! Any skier or snowboarder under the age of 18 is elegible to enter.

For full rules and submission guidelines: CLICK HERE

Grom Con 1

So you want to make an edit...now what?
We pulled together some helpful tips to improve your chances of winning the TGR Grom Contest. 

Step 1: Tell a Story

Your edit will lack flow if you don’t tell a story or weave a bit of a plot line throughout your footage. Before you even begin to edit, bust out some paper and a pen and get to work thinking about a storyline for your edit. Establish a sense of place, introduce your characters, and establish context. You may choose to focus on challenges you worked through at an IFSA freeride comp, or perhaps just a great day on the mountain, or the time it took to nail a specific trick. Once you establish the story for your edit, you can begin to edit your footage.

Step 2: Sense of Place & Angles

Try to incorporate shots of your location, as this helps establish a sense of place. Use as many different angles as you can, since this helps diversify your point of view and keeps the edit interesting to watch.

Step 3: Get Inspired

Head back to your favorite edits and think about what made them so exciting to watch. How can you incorporate that same feeling or emotion into the footage you are puzzling together? Make a list of the moments that most stuck out, and use those to guide which footage makes the cut.

Step 4: Listen to the Tunes & Download the Bumpers

Before you begin arranging your footage, listen to the selection of tunes provided by TGR. You've got 50 different options for a bangin' soundtrack. Be sure to use one of TGR's music selections so your submission can be considered. Then download the TGR bumper logo to add to the beginning or end of your edit. You can find all the tunes and the bumper logos on the TGR Grom Contest Page.

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2017 IFSA North American Champions

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  • IOA Insurance Services
  • SASS Global Travel
  • Strafe
  • Gear Dryer
  • Flyin Ryan Hawks
  • PromoShop
  • Teton Gravity Research
  • Freeride World Tour
  • WebEZ.net